How can Physiotherapy Prevent Your Postpartum Backaches and Pains?Physiotherapy has the power to cure, manage and treat a lot of health-related issues. Even though pregnancy is one of the blissful feelings and for those to-be mothers, it can be a little daunting as after the delivery, some pains can make life discomforting and annoying. One of such is Postpartum Back Aches and pains.

New moms are prone to develop sore back from bending too much and picking up their body, leaning over the crib to caress them, and hold them in hands for a long time to make them sleep.

Here are some of the ways to get rid of and prevent your postpartum backaches and pains.

Start by checking your posture. Ensure that you keep your back straight while performing the tasks that need you to use your back often and too frequently. If you have to carry or lift your child too often, try to keep your back straight.

Also, make sure that your feet should be flat on the floor as well as the shoulder-width apart while picking up your child.

When you are supposed to move, try moving your entire body instead of twisting the spine to keep the back straight. Make sure to keep your hips and knees in line.

When you aim to lift things or the baby, bend your knees and hips and not your back.

Make sure that you practice regular exercise like Pilates. It helps in strengthening the core and the abdominal muscles. This further helps in reducing the pain and strain on your back.

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