compression stockingsThey are generally used to improve the blood flow circulation in the veins. Modern stockings provide pressure in the legs, helping the blood to flow back towards the heart. Compression Stockings are easily available at Shoppers World Physiotherapy in the Brampton area in different shapes and sizes. You can always come to us if you need stocking for sports purposes or whatever your needs are.

These stockings have to fit correctly on your legs if they have to function correctly. They are tight from the toes and get loose when stretched towards the legs.

Advantages of wearing stockings

  • Boost blood circulation
  • Reduces leg swelling
  • Improves lymphatic drainage
  • Supports veins

How do stockings work?

These stockings have been specially designed to exert pressure on the veins. When you put on them, the high amount of pressure is created on the ankles, while the least weight of stockings is near to the knee. This pressure on your legs forces the blood in the upward direction, back towards the heart, that helps in getting relief from pain and swelling, and also keeps your legs from getting exhausted.

What do they do?

Wearing compression stockings solve the issues caused by the poor circulation of blood flow that can lead to strokes and blood clots. They apply pressure on the lower legs, help in maintaining the circulation of blood and reduces the inconvenience caused in the body.

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