Common Myths And Facts About Physiotherapy That You Need To KnowThe demand for physiotherapy has significantly increased as a result of the patient’s ongoing success with it. Physiotherapy is something that we are all familiar with because most of us have either used it for ourselves or someone close to us. A wide range of health conditions, including those related to old age problems, neurological conditions, women’s health conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, or any sports-related injuries, are treated with physiotherapy. You should be aware of the following physiotherapy truths and myths. We’ve covered a number of myths and misconceptions that keep people from receiving physiotherapy treatment in this blog.

Myth: Only sports injuries are treated with physiotherapy.
Fact: People mistakenly believe that physiotherapists only work with athletes or are associated with sports organizations. As opposed to this, physiotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of patients who are afflicted with different diseases, including neurological ailments, pediatric conditions, geriatric conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, etc.

Myth: For the patient to see a physiotherapist, a recommendation is required.
Fact: In reality, this is untrue. Physiotherapists are skilled specialists who can decide if a patient only needs physiotherapy or also needs medical care. A physiotherapist can assess, diagnose, and develop a therapy plan for the patient. Therefore, the patient is able to receive physiotherapy care without seeking medical advice.

Myth: Only exercises are given by the physiotherapist.
Fact: A big part of a physiotherapy treatment regimen may include exercise. But a physiotherapist offers more than just exercises; they can also utilize various kinds of methods to design unique therapy programs. These can include postural correction, acupuncture, electrotherapy, manual therapy, taping, postural education, and more.

Myth: Only massage therapy is involved in physiotherapy.
Fact: The use of soft tissue manipulation in physiotherapy is not limited to massage therapy; rather, it is frequently a minor or nonexistent component of the overall treatment. Massage is a technique for relaxing, whereas physiotherapy is a discipline for treating disability and suffering.

People of all ages can benefit from physical therapy to keep fit and healthy. It is exceptional and effective for a wide range of diseases. As treatment helped them to enhance their quality of life and mental, emotional, physical, and social functioning, physiotherapy has been a lifesaver for many people. Don’t accept these illusions and get in touch with a nearby physiotherapy clinic right away if you are interested in receiving physiotherapy treatment, need it, and want to profit from it.

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