Ankle Sprains? Do you need to call up a Physiotherapist?Running down the stairs and you skip one step by mistake and have a gift of an ankle sprain. Or, maybe you were just walking down the road, busy in your thought, you accidentally twisted your leg- and, ankle sprain!

This is a really common injury that most of us face and often it only lasts for a few hours. The ligament in your ankle gets stretched. But, in case you have had a severe and;e twist, the ligaments completely tear up resulting in a fracture in the leg.


If you twist your ankle, the ankle might be swelled up and in pain – then your ankle is sprained. Whether it was inwards or outwards, the ankle can be injured in different ways.

At-home treatment

So, traditionally, people have the ice treatment on the sprains along with anti-inflammatories. And, initially, one must be in rest but can work upon the range of motions of the ankle gradually and slowly in order to stay away from the injuries. And, if the ankle injury is a little more severe, then you need a boot for proper healing.

When to see a therapist?

When you see the therapist for your ankle sprain, he or she will clearly examine the severity of the sprain. Often, they might also ask for an X-ray, ultrasound if necessary- even though they are not much needed. In case your feet need so, they can let you know about the same.

What do physiotherapy treatments include?

Physiotherapy for the sprained ankle includes the following:

  • Gait retraining
  • Swelling and Pain Management
  • Progressive exercise Prescription
  • Balance and proprioception training

Is your sprained ankle discomforting your daily life? Has the pain been almost long-lasting? Well, you must reach out to the trusted professionals at Shoppers World Physiotherapy today. Get rid of the troubles that hinder your lifestyle.

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